Remembering to Plank

It’s day 60 of our ‘Plank a Day’ Challenge. What I have come to realise is that it’s not the Plank that is the problem, it is my head. I STILL forget to do the plank some days. Occasionally, I have had to drag myself out of bed to do it. On a few days, if i’m honest, I have pretended to forget  – the thought of getting out of bed is too challenging!

plank exercise fun

How to remember to do the plank..

I want to share with you a quick way of reminding yourself to do the plank, and keep track of your progress. We spend SO much time on our phones these days. We certainly never forget to check them, so why not get a notification on our phone at the time of day we are most likely to do the plank.

There are lots of apps to help you with this but the one I have chosen for now is called 30 Day Challenge.

1. Download the App

2. Create the challenge, including description and time of day you wish to be reminded


3. Each day do the plank when you get the notification

4. Write in your update on the daily report. You can even attach photos.


5. Feel smug that you have done your plank for the day !

Try it out. We would be interested to hear of any other apps that could help up keep up the routine (or kickstart it again too!)

Need to get planking again ?

Check out the details of the challenge and remind yourself how to do the plank..