Running Coaching

If you fear you might end up on the couch if left to your own devices, let us inspire you to keep moving and feel great this January. Our programmes are fun, practical and you can decide to join us virtually, in-person or both! All programmes start 10th January 2022 and run for 7 weeks.

Choose from our 4 options :

1. Beginners Running Coaching

Suitable for complete beginners or those who want to go right back to basics, this programme combines both virtual coaching with the option to also meet up for weekly training sessions. We will take you from walking right up to running 30 minutes in 7 weeks. Find out more.

2. Stay Running Virtual Programme

For those of you who can run 15 minutes or longer (at any speed) and want to keep moving, enjoy running, feel better running and stay motivated.Each week we have training plans, yoga for runners, strength and mobility classes, food for runners, virtual support and live QnAs. Community is at the heart of this programme with our private facebook group. Find out more

3. Running Classes in Dublin

If virtual coaching is not for you, come join us in person. We have evening classes in Sandymount and Clontarf. Choose to attend 1 or 2 classes per week. Note : For complete beginners, see option 1 above.

New Year Timetable (Jan/Feb 2022)

4. Virtual and In-person together

Merge both option 2 and 3 above and get the best of both worlds. Enjoy our Stay Running virtual programme with the tailored training plans as well as online yoga classes, strength and mobility classes, food tips, virtual support + also choose to come to 1 class per week in Dublin.

Any questions? If you not sure where you might fit in, please drop us a line.