Running Resolutions….

I have taken a few weeks off running myself this December (and have survived surprisingly well), so much so, I think I could get used to this lazy lifestyle. So just like you, I fear I may struggle to get going again in the new year – especially with the dark and dreary weather.

So how to get myself motivated?
The only thing for it is to have a goal, something that will scare me into getting out the door, and keep me on track on the days when I can think up 10 excuses for not going running. I need some form of running resolution – otherwise, I may turn into a box of Roses any day soon…..

So, thats my challenge, over the next few days, Im going to set out my list of running resolutions with the hope that they will inspire me to get my runners on the feet on the 1st January.

So over to you….
So, if you are glued to the couch this Xmas, and cant even remember the last time you went for a run, start thinking about your running resolutions too.They don’t need to be fancy, they just need to be practical and realistic – and just a little bit challenging, to keep you on your toes!

Need some ideas ? Maybe its running your first 5k, or stretching it out to 10k or Half Marathon this year – Maybe you want to get faster over 5k, keep up a 3 run a week routine, take part in regular Parkruns, or maybe even become a marathoner. Whatever it is, you need to commit to it now. We will have trips to Milan in April, Our Running Retreat in May, Beaujolais in Nov, and a few extra surprises this year.. but they all require you to be running!

Could 2014 be your running year ?

Why not..

The only problem, no one can do it for you – you got to make the first move.

We can support you along the way, but you got to write the list!

Would love to hear whats on your running resolution list..

Step away from Cadbury Roses, and get writing…

running resolution

Few Little Reminders for the Next Few Days….

Early Bird January Offer : 2 Free Weeks of Classes if you register before 31st Dec 2013.
Running Technique : We also have our first Chirunning Workshop of 2014 on Thursday 9th January.
Parkruns are still on every Saturday over the holidays, – you know you will feel better afterwards.
Lapsed Runners / Beginners : But if you are back to square 1 with the running, our beginners running classes will recommence at the end of January. Book your place on beginners running.