Sneak Preview of our April Challenge

Most of us are a lot stronger in our legs and lower body than our upper body. We shy away from upper body work. But that’s all about to change. Don’t be scared, we won’t have you lifting heavy weights and hanging out of bars. Instead, we are going to start at the basics and build up over the month with Push-ups for Beginners.

We will start out with standing pushups against a wall and gradually lower our body position, using walls, benches, chairs and even the steps of a stairs to work the body more as it progresses.


It’s all about Technique…

We are going to focus on correct technique –with no cheating! So It may seem easy for some of you starting out, but if you stick with us we will train the correct muscles to work rather than put pressure on your shoulders, neck and wrists which are already overworked.

How does it work?

We start 1st April and will combine this Pushup challenge with our existing Plank Challenge
Each day we ask you to spend 2 minutes working on these exericses:

Every day we will post tips, reminders and videos of how to do the exercises properly and how you can build them into your day on our Private Facebook Group.

It’s only 2 minutes of your day, and its FREE – what’s your excuse?

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