Heading into Summer 2021 – All our plans

13 months ago we started coaching runners virtually and when we started we never imagined it would be so popular. So here we are 1 year on, and we are staying online this May/June (and beyond) to help you to keep running, feel good and stay connected. Starting 10th May we have 2 options :

Outdoor Classes : We will return to ‘real life’ group classes gradually over the next few months. Due to the most recent government announcement we are delighted that these can start on the week of 10th May. All of you who are part of our May/June Stay Running group will have first priority to attend and the class locations will be announced at the start of each week to allow us to vary locations and schedule and keep it fun and interesting. We will keep this going through the summer so it will be September 2021 when we return to our pre-covid setup of 8 week terms of evening classes in Sandymount/Clontarf.

Marathon Coaching : We also will kick off our popular Dublin Marathon programme on 5th July, so if you are keen on that, aim to get to a comfortable 10k by end of June.

Chi Running Workshops : We have no plans yet, but if you are interested in a location let us know and we will aim to get some events this summer for our 2 hour workshops.

Running Holidays : We have a waiting list for our West Cork running retreat which is currently on hold until we get approval to run the event post covid.


For May and June….

So for now, we stay virtual with options for meetups this May/June.

Skeptical about virtual coaching?  We were too – but have a read of how well it worked.

“Virtual coaching with Forget the Gym has everything: fun, friendliness, and support to get you running no matter what your level. Absolutely wonderful and a fabulous opportunity to keep healthy in these challenging times.” Read more reviews

To read more about each programme in details follow the links below :

Which programme for me? If you can run 3km or longer Stay Running progamme is the one for you. But if you are new to running or want to return right back to basics, Get Running is suitable for new runners and those returning to running after a long time programme.

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New Term Details : 
  • Start dates:  10th May to 27th June (7 Weeks)
  • Price : €99 for 7 Weeks

Your Coaches : Your running coaches Mary and Aoife will be joined this term by our Yoga Guru Linda from Linann Yoga and our Food expert Dee from Deelitefull.

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Have fun : As per all our coaching, there is no competition between our runners. We are all there to support eachother and encourage others in their running goal. We all have different challenges and responsibilities these days, and it’s great to have others on our side. There is enough stress and anxiety out in the world this 2021, we want to make running something that will take your mind off your worries and help you get some headspace.

If you have any other questions, drop us a line.

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