Summer 2020 at ForgetTheGym

It is going to be a summer like no other… 

We know how hard it is to stay motivated without parkrun, races, running buddies and classes. But we are here to help keep you motivated, moving and sane this very unusual summer of 2020. After taking April and May to offer free classes, facebook challenges and keep the spirits up, we are ready now for the summer. We are taking our most popular programmes online, but we are keeping it very personal. We will have plenty of support, added extras and camaraderie to help keep you moving whatever your goal.

Here are all our plans

Online Coaching: If you need a kick out the door some days but really want to enjoy running this summer, we invite you to join our Summer Funrun programme. You set your running goal (or virtual race) and we guide you there with weekly training plans, Zoom classes, video tips and exercises, a dedicated new private Facebook group and plenty of personal support.  Find out more…..

Train for a marathon : Mary will continue to lead the marathon coaching programmes for autumn marathons but they will be a little different to previous years. The face-2-face workshops will be replaced by videos and some live online workshops. And even if Dublin Marathon (or your chosen event) doesn’t go ahead, we will have a plan B of a virtual marathon or will create our own with the best cheerleaders out there!  Find out more……
Start Running: If you are completely new to running, you can still use Mary’s book Get Running for all the training plans you need to get moving or use Mary’s Irish Times Get Running programmes which remain free on the website. You can always email Mary if you have any questions.
For our Beachfit Class fans : You don’t even need to be a runner for this one, but our very popular Beachfit Classes have been taken online on zoom by Aoife this spring. They have been a great success so we are offering them as part of the running packages above, but also if you just want to do the classes (and not want to run a step) you can sign up to the 8 weeks of classes on their own. Find out more…

Writing : Mary will continue to write fortnightly for The Irish Times on all things running related. You can see some of the recent articles here all relevant for coronavirus running times. 

Pop-up classes : Once we get the go ahead to travel, teach and meet you all, we will most likely start with pop-up classes and those doing our summer funrun and marathon programmes will get first priority as we imagine numbers will be restricted for a while. Will keep our fingers crossed this won’t be too long away.. 

Other running events : For the moment all our Chi Running Workshops, Run/Yoga Day Trips, Holidays and regular Sandymount/Clontarf classes are on hold. We will update you when it is safe and practical to schedule more events. We might even take Chi Running workshops online later this summer. But for now, we will include lots of technique tips in the summer running programmes above. We are also hoping to get some ‘Breathing for runners’ online events up and running too by end of summer. And as always we are working away on some other new ideas too. 

Social Media : We have been very active on our Plank a Day group and our Running Chicks forum this Spring. These groups will become quieter over the summer as the new Summer Runner and Marathon programmes and their dedicated Facebook groups will be where we will put our focus. Some day we will eventually get to put our energy into Twitter and Instagram, but for this summer our priority will be motivating those who are signed up to our new online programmes. 

Wishing you all a healthy and happy summer of fresh air wherever you will run your miles. 

Aoife and Mary x