Summer Funrun – Online Coaching

We are delighted to launch our Summer Funrun programme – 8 weeks of online coaching, support, zoom classes and lots of added extras. We cannot coach our runners in person this summer, but we can still be with you – albeit virtually for now.

The programme is open to men and women, wherever you are around the world. It is suitable for anyone who has been at our running classes before, but also open to anyone who has never had an opportunity train with us before – wherever in the world you might be.

The beauty of this package is that it is all online – you do the running, when suits your schedule – but we get you out the door, pick you up on the bad days and give you pat on the back when you do a good job. You also get the option to join in our zoom classes if you wish.

The 8 week programme runs from 8th June – 2nd August 2020.

Price : €90 for 8 weeks

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How it works

When we start, the first thing you do is set your running goals. Then, over the 8 weeks we will coach, support and motivate you to reach your goals- while you get out there and do your running ‘homework’.

Each week you will receive : 

  • Your training plan ‘homework’ for the week
  • Email from Mary with the current weeks tips and advice (notes and video)
  • A place in Aoife’s weekly Zoom ‘Beachfit from home’ class
  • Daily nudges and motivation via the Facebook Forum.
  • An open door to email Mary/Aoife with any queries you may have.

Private Forum : At the heart of the programme will be a NEW dedicated private Facebook group for only those people who are part of this summer programme. It will be a small and welcoming group. It will be there to help us all feel part of a community, let us share our experiences/questions or just to browse when you need a little motivation.

My running goals : You can choose one (or a few) running goals from this list :

  • Get more comfortable over 5k
  • Move up from 5k to 10k
  • Just stay running regularly
  • Make running feel easier
  • Enjoy running more and avoid injury
  • Get more comfortable over 10k
  • Build towards a Half Marathon
  • If you want to run a marathon, go here instead.
  • If you have never run before, go here instead.

Virtual Races : To help keep motivation up, you might like to join a ‘virtual race‘ to put a date in the diary or you can just enjoy getting outside for the summer with no real big training goal. You are the boss.. and we will help you get there.

Come join us and get running and motivated this summer with ForgetTheGym.

Cost  : €90 for 8 weeks.

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Note:  As per all our coaching, there is no competition between our runners. We are all there to support eachother and encourage others in their running goal. We all have different summers ahead, and it’s great to have others on our side. There is enough stress and anxiety out in the world this 2020, we want to make running something that will take your mind off your worries and help you get some headspace.