Dublin Marathon 2016. Tempted?

Is ‘run a marathon’ on your bucket list? If you can run 8k-10k comfortably and can commit to 16 weeks (4 runs per week) of training, we will get you to the marathon finish line; smiling, happy and delighted with yourself.

Train with Forget the Gym for Dublin Marathon :

For Dublin Marathon 2016, we have 3 options for you :

  1. First Timers Marathon Programme
  2. Improvers Marathon Programme
  3. Marathon Club

Train with Mary, The Irish Times Running Coach, who has completed more than 45 marathons and ultra marathons, so knows a thing or two about preparation and enjoyment of your race day.

What our students have to say…

We have lots of Marathon Success Stories, here are some of the highlights.

“Thank you for helping me believe I can run through walls”

“I loved it, and I’m proud of myself, thank you so much for your support, you are amazing and I couldn’t have done it without you”

“If it were not for your amazing support, encouragement and advice through the last few months, I would definitely not have started, never mind, finished the marathon!”

“Thank you so much Mary, I am currently just out of a hot bath with feet up and wine in hand! You are such an amazing inspiration, thank you for getting me through my first marathon – it will not be my last!”

“The best thing I did was sign up for your group because it gave me the proper training plan and so much information that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. It really was amazing! ”

“Completing the marathon has proved what I am capable of with a bit of dedication. So thank you for being there and believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself”

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Check out details of our 2016 Marathon Programmes

FTG Marathon

If you have any questions, or cannot make any workshop dates, please send an email to mary@demo3.dublin18.com and will send you on other options for online and private marathon coaching.


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