Tina Johnson – 365 Day’s of 1 minute Planks!

Tina Plank surf photo                 

Tina is one of our very dedicated online students who has completed 365 planks over the last year. We have never met Tina in person so she has been purely motivated by our Facebook challenge. We asked her what her secrets were to keeping up the habit.

Here is Tina doing her plank in August 2015  at Inch, Co Kerry.

When do you do your plank?

I do plank different time every day with shift work and kids it’s hard to have a routine as I work nights, days and evening’s, but I love to do it in the mornings as it sets you up for the day. Just like after a run.

I also aim to do the other floor exercises that I have learned from your great videos like press ups, lunges and squats. I like to do 5 mins but if I’m struggling to fit 5 mins in I always do the 1 min plank.

What has kept you going?

What keeps me motivated is I feel fitter overall and it helps me with my running If I can’t get out for a run as sometimes happens I can at least keep up the plank anywhere I go. While on holidays in France over the summer I kept it up and it has just become a habit and my day now is not complete without plank!

I also find it’s a great way to unwind and time out from the kids and work .
Tina plank photo 1

Photos taken at playground while the kids play. 

Tina is the only member of our 365 day club who has not attended our classes or workshops over the years and has purely been motivated by our Facebook group. Tina hopefully some day we will get down to you in Kerry for a run!

If this time next year you would like to say you have completed 365 days of planking be sure to Join our challenge here.

Well done Tina