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Una has been very dedicated to the plank challenge and one of our students who have done 365 planks in the last year. We asked her what her secrets were to keeping up the habit.

When do you do your plank?

The plank is first thing I do in the morning. I got into that habit straight away, there was a short time when I skipped the morning plank if I had classes, because I knew we would do it there, but then there were days when we didn’t do it in class (rain etc) and that threw me out of routine. So I went back to the morning time and stuck to it.

una side planl

Úna can regularly be found at the finish line of a parkrun encouraging others to get their plank done.

What has kept you going?

At the start it was daily reminders, photos, bit of banter among the group/classes/parkrun’s etc – or trying to get others to do it. But I also found, over time,  I felt better by doing it, one minute in the morning and it kick starts the day on a positive note.



Well done Una.

If this time next year you would like to say you have completed 365 days of planking be sure to Join our challenge here.

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