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Mary from ForgetTheGym delivers seminars, corporate workshops and lunchtime talks all around Dublin City in offices, charities, clubs and private events. Mary has worked with clients such as Accenture, Deloitte, Statestreet, JP Morgan, PwC, Temple Street Hospital, Virgin Media, The Irish Times Healthy Towns Initiative and many more.


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Lunchtime / 1 hour Classroom based talks

The following talks can be delivered to corporate and private groups. The sessions are generally quite relaxed and interactive. Where appropriate a few exercises can be included in most. The sessions can be tailored to the fitness level of attendees. There is no running in any of these sessions – 100% classroom based.

  • Running – How to get started
  • Running – How to enjoy running and stay motivated
  • How to train for your first ever 5k/10k race
  • Fertility and Fitness – Tips for men and women
  • Injury Free Running – Chirunning Technique Summary
  • Exercise and Motivation – How to stay on track
  • Mental Training for Runners
  • Eating for Endurance Sport
  • Staying on Track – Goal setting and fitness planning

Half Day Workshops and Practical Sessions

Mary regularly delivers the following half day workshops to private groups in a classroom environment but also using outdoors for running and exercise. These workshops can be also delivered over a series of 1 hour sessions.

  • Training for the Mini Marathon (1-2 hours)
  • Pain Free Running – Chirunning Technique (incorporating video of students running – half day)
  • Training for your first Half Marathon 21km (one half day workshop)
  • Training for your First Marathon 42km (programme of 3 half day workshops over 16 weeks).

Longer Programmes

Many of the workshops can be amended to be delivered across a series of weeks/months rather than a half day workshop. Here are a few examples of how this could work.

  • Marathon Coaching Programme:

16 week programme with weekly/bi-weekly 1 hour sessions on relevant components of training. (see below for content) At each session, a logical check in point for questions, next phase of training and motivation/support.

  • Half Marathon Coaching Programme:

12 week programme with weekly/bi-weekly 1 hour sessions on relevant component of training. At each session, a logical check in point for questions, next phase of training and motivation/support.

  • Chirunning Coaching Programme :

6 Week step by step programme of the Chirunning Technique. This programme would covering new aspects each week and incorporate regular video analysis of students. (outdoors and indoors).

Extras  delivered in programmes: Mary offers full training plans and online support and guidance to workshop attendees, handouts, supporting documentation and a forum to discuss questions over the training period.


Sample Content of Workshops

Chirunning Half Day Workshop: The revolutionary Chirunning Technique protects body from the pounding of running. Chirunning makes running more enjoyable while reducing the impact on the body.The workshop looks at how we run, where pain comes from and provides advice on how to run effortlessly and injury free. Suitable for beginners and experienced runners, the workshop covers the following

  • Chirunning Principles – 4 Key Steps to Movement
  • Running Injury prevention advice and tips
  • Video analysis of students running technique
  • Practical tips for road running
  • How to run easier on hills
  • How to apply Chirunning to your training
  • Race Day Technique Tips

Half Marathon Coaching Workshop: The aim of the workshop is to give the participants the tools, the confidence and the motivation to complete their first half marathon. The workshop includes:

  • Goal Setting and Training plans,
  • Half Marathon Challenges,
  • Injury Prevention,
  • Foam Rolling,
  • Motivation,
  • Nutrition and Hydration,
  • Introduction to Mental Training,
  • Half Marathon Race Day Tips

Marathon Coaching Programme: This 16 week, 3 workshop programme is suitable for anyone attempting their first marathon. The workshops are spaced out across the 16 week period.

   Marathon Workshop 1: Where to Start
  • Goal setting and Planning
  • Structure your training
  • What to expect in marathon
  • Injury prevention
  • Marathon Motivation
  • Running Gadgets
    Marathon Workshop 2 : Building up the long runs
  • Avoiding the dreaded WALL
  • Tackling the Long Run
  • Nutrition and Hydration
  • Mental Training
  • Strength and Flexibility
  • Core Training
   Marathon Workshop 3: The Final Countdown
  • How to Taper correctly
  • Managing Anxiety
  • Race Psychology
  • The Final Weeks – Nutrition
  • What to expect on race day
  • Avoiding Race Day Mistakes


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Our classes take place outdoors at the following locations across Dublin:

Sandymount, Dublin
Clontarf, Dublin

Our workshops take place at the Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane, beside the Bord Gais Energy Theatre in Dublin Docklands.

Chirunning events take place outdoors in local parks or at your club or venue.

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