What’s on this Winter

Here is what is going on at Forget The Gym for Autumn/Winter 2017.

Upcoming Events 2017


Running Classes

Our Aummer term finished on 26th  October and we return on 6th Nov with our Winter term of Classes. Booking is now open. Thank you to everyone who has been part of our classes this year so far.


Pop-up Classes

It hardly felt like we were in Dublin at all when we ventured on our Sunday morning southside class on 9th July. From Dalkey to Dun Laoghaire we were distracted from running and exercises by the glorious views, fancy houses and  beautiful sunshine.  See all our pics.

More Pop-ups

Following on from the 9th July event, we will have lots more pop-up classes this summer and booking will take place via our private Facebook groups as they are only open to existing students. So far we have planned a ‘Cocktail Run’, ‘Strength and Conditioning with Resistance Bands’ and a Chi Running Technque Refresher Classes. Won’t be long now til our famous Christmas Lights Pop-up Classes too.


Painfree Running Workshops

Mary’s last  Chi Running Workshop  for 2017 is now open for booking. Suitable for newbies or experienced runners, learn how to reduce the impact of running on your body. Find out more.
chi_running a technique to run easier & injury-free

Writing in The Irish Times

Mary continues to write each fortnight in The Irish Times on running, but also on fitness, pregnancy and post natal exercise. Read recent articles.

Long Distance Coaching

We have 40+ people on board to train with us for Dublin Marathon 2017. Most are first timers and all are excited yet nervous of the summer ahead. We also have lots of people training for half marathon distance. Already the friendships and bonds are being formed along the weekend miles and over post run coffees.


Running Holidays

After the success of the Offaly holiday we had hoped to do another one in Sept but couldn’t find a date to suit everyone, so will postpone that til next year. Instead, we will focus on our trip to France in November. With over 45 already booked in, it’s shaping up to be as good as ever.

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Charity Partners

We have teamed up with the Irish Cancer Society to provide coaching tips and videos for their innovative Marathon in a Month programme this July. We are also still supporting the Irish Hospice Foundation with all proceeds from our running chick tshirts and singlets going to the charity. Finally, we are once again teaming up with Temple Street Foundation giving tips and advice to all their fundraising marathon runners via workshops and notes.


Support at the races

We will continue to support the wonderful parkruns all around the country and will also be out and about at many of the race events from 5k to marathon around this country this autumn/winter. The things we do for a free donut….


And some added extras…

Corporate Talks and Events :Mary is always out and about meeting employees in companies who are keen to keep their staff healthy, motivated and energised. With workshops or classes, these corporate events can be tailored to different group sizes.

Facebook Challenge : We are still managing to keep lots of you moving with the daily challenge albeit just 1 minute a day. Keep it up now.

Latest Newsletters : You can always check out our latest newsletters for some pics, inspiration and news.

Facebook : We love Facebook and use it a LOT  for private groups to support our runners. These groups are only open to our students. We do have our main Facebook Page which is open to everyone and full of ideas and inspiration for you. We do a little on Twitter and YouTube, but to be honest.. not a lot!

10th Birthday : ForgetTheGym celebrates it’s 10th birthday this year. We have no big celebration plans yet, but we do have our thinking hats on. Any ideas, let us know.

So that’s what going on with us at the moment. We hope we can continue to adapt our timetable to suit what you are looking for. Any questions at all, be sure to drop Mary an email.

If you have a few minutes and want to see more about what we do, check our some of our photo archives , newspaper/TV features or our student testimonials.