Wow, what a success. Over 3500 minutes of planks….

What started out as a little bit of motivation to get us all doing our ‘plank a day’ on the 1st September has resulted on at least 3,500 planks completed this month.  We would have been happy with people doing their plank in front of the telly, but as the month progressed, people got a little more adventurous!


We have seen photos of planks in unusual places including planks on holiday, at stag parties, kids rugby matches, hen parties, office board meetings and even with kids and cats and dogs. Thank you so  much to everyone who took part in the challenge. Check out the Plank a Day group for all the photos. We have had such lovely feedback too, so we are very grateful to you all.


The driving force

A HUGE thank you to our instructor Anne Jennings who has been the driving force behind this. How she fits this in with her own crazy schedule I just dont know ! From running ultra marathons to running her own interior design business, I’m not sure where she finds the minute for the plank, not to mention all the motivation to you lot!


What to do now ? Our Plans for October..

We were going to finish up today the 30th Sept, but due to all the comments and feedback, it looks like we need to keep this going, or we will all end up back on the couch. So, as of 1st October, you can restart the challenge back at Day 1, or move up to the next level. Join the Plank a Day group for daily reminders, explanation videos, and plenty of fun photos and banter. All will be revealed tomorrow 1st October..

Check out some of the photos from the last month :

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13953_10152342720243364_2216957781303360101_n  10431678_10152669828841620_614467188742447455_n

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Competition Winner :

Check out the Plank A Day Challenge to see if you won a prize for your efforts..

Thank you to everyone.. roll on October..